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Javi Ivànyez born in Xixona, Spain in 1986, is a journalist, an entrepreneur and a musician based in Paris. He is founder of Eh Universo Media, a social media universe 100% video, leader in Spain with 6’2 M followers, more than 1.000 M video viewed in 2020, and 66,9 M of engagement per year. Eh Universo is the 2nd entertainment’s creator on Facebook Spain, 4th in all genders, and 4th overall creators of entertainment cross-platform (Source: Tubular Labs, January, 2021). Formed by three universes: Eh! (social and culture), Oh! (movies and series) and Ha! (viral content, parodies, humor) and Wo! (travel).

Javi obtained a Bachelor’s degree in journalism for the Miguel Hernández University in Spain (2005-2010). Thereafter he received his second Bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences: Journalism, Public Relations and Multimedia at the University of Porto in Portugal (2009-2010). Lastly, he pursued a Master’s degree in Audiovisual contents and Formats at the University of Valencia in Spain (2013-2014).

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