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Javi Ivànyez born in Xixona, Spain in 1986, is a journalist, a creative audiovisual technician, and a musician. He has worked for MeltyGroup, in Paris, France, since February 2015 as a Video Development Manager. In this role, he is in charge of the advancement and creation of new video formats for all sites in the melty universe: melty, meltystyle, shoko, Fan2 and Virgin Radio. He also manages the media content of all of melty’s 18 Facebook pages (melty, Pensées des filles, Les Meilleures Scènes de FilmLa Crème du Gaming), as well their Snapchat Discover platform and the entirety of the group’s YouTube channels. Before being promoted to this post, he worked as the Deputy Editor-in-Chief for the Spanish site

Javi obtained a Bachelor’s degree in journalism for the Miguel Hernández University in Spain (2005-2010). Thereafter he received his second Bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences: Journalism, Public Relations and Multimedia at the University of Porto in Portugal (2009-2010). Lastly, he pursued a Master’s degree in Audiovisual contents and Formats at the University of Valencia in Spain (2013-2014).

Javi and the music

Javi began his musical career as the composer, singer and guitarist of Mugroman (2002-2014). The band published six albums and performed at over than 300 concerts. Javi’s contribution to music was recognized in October, 2016 by Xixona’s Town hall, when he received the Golden Emblem of the City for “his relevant role in municipality at a social and cultural level”. He has written and composed more than 200 songs (28 of them are featured in Mugroman’s discography).



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